Chrysalis High, Yelahanka (New Town)

Nursery to Grade XII. Ranked one of the top CBSE Schools in North Bengaluru

About the campus

Chrysalis High, Yelahanka is spread across an area of approximately 2 acres & boasts of amenities like a Semi Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Basketball Court & specially demarcated areas for Cricket, Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Theatre, Yoga, Chess & Games. 

The school has well ventilated classrooms to make learning process conducive for children. Chrysalis High, located in the heart of Yelahanka, only 500 meters from Yelahanka Police Station, is affiliated with CBSE.

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Student services


Nutrition The School serves balanced and nutritious vegetarian snacks and lunch to students who have opted for the facility...Continue Reading

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Health Care Support

Health Care Support The school places great importance on the health and safety of students. Suitably qualified nursing staff keeps the Infirmary open throughout the school day. In its child-friendly setting, the Infirmary maintains a well-documented system of students' health records.

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Transport We provide a fleet of well-maintained buses with trained drivers and lady attendants. Special care is taken while appointing the drivers, to ensure that only the experienced and qualified drivers are appointed after undergoing a driving test...Continue Reading

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Safety & Security

Student Safety and School Security Chrysalis is inarguably the only school where at no point of time, any child is left without supervision of a female teacher!...Continue Reading

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Chrysalis High, Yelahanka New Town is affiliated with CBSE (830640).

Kindly visit the school in case you wish to know about the Syllabus in detail.



Chrysalis High Road, 15/1B, Sector A, LBS Nagar, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

Parents of children already enrolled at Chrysalis need to write to

I’m in my fourth year as a primary teacher with Chrysalis, and I’m really enjoying the experience.

‘Sharing knowledge with children and watching them grow is my passion and it fuels me to be a better teacher daily!’

Our school’s primary section is the most vigorous, with activities such as CRISP (Chrysalis Rhapsody of Initiatives and Students’ Passion), basketball, cricket, swimming, skating, chess, yoga, martial arts, theater, music, dance, and games. With so much going on, neither the students nor the teachers have a dull moment.

So, what distinguishes Chrysalis from other schools? It is the PUPA where we teachers place more emphasis on identifying and nurturing the child’s strengths.

In addition to providing a high-quality education, the school has an outstanding faculty. Everyone works together to assist one another. It’s almost as if you’re with your family. Everyone gets along and genuinely cares about their coworkers’ well-being. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. I felt a part of the teaching and learning process from the start. The process of learning and unlearning has been enjoyable for me. Every day, I believe, is a new opportunity to learn, and my primary goal is to prepare children to be lifelong learners. I would also like to thank our curriculum team who encouraged us to implement new ideas and methods in teaching. Our Principal, Head Mistress and Coordinators are always encouraging and easily approachable.

I am enjoying my classes with my children and looking forward to more days of fun and learning.

Ms Priya Jackson
Primary Teacher

Chrysalis High, Yelahanka is a school filled with warmth, creativity and fun. It is a place that is willing to implement innovative programs to affect student outcomes positively. When joining a new ‘workplace’ without any work experience, I was unsure of what to expect. After being part of the CHY family for eight years, I am glad that I took up teaching as my profession and also grateful to the school for letting me stay on. I am motivated to come to school every day, a driving force that tells you there’s so much you need to give to this noble place. Nurture the young minds in the best possible way.

CHY is a place which is close to my heart, where there is constant encouragement and opportunities for students and teachers to gain exposure in various fields. The school always looks at providing the teachers with professional development and mentors to guide them. The school does not focus on just academics but looks into developing deeper bonds outside the classroom. The students are encouraged to use their gifts and develop their talents in being able to grow into well-rounded human beings. Pupils are being challenged regularly by a dedicated team of nurturing and professional faculty who work in unison to instill core values in every teaching.

I am grateful to CHY for being able to tap into my potential and allowing me to grow further in my role as a teacher. I have always been given the freedom to share my thoughts on education and work on creating a positive outlook on learning. CHY will always be my ‘happy place’ – a home away from home.

Ms Leela Manjunath
Primary Teacher, CHY

The Secret of change is to focus all the energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ – Socrates

These words are apt in the current scenario, where we are re- establishing our old norms in the school. With all the odds we have not let learning stop.

I have chosen to be a part of the CHRYSALIS High school because I always enjoyed interacting with students, help them grasp new concepts and acquire new skills and I felt that CHRYSALIS High fosters a proper environment for student and teacher development alike.

Helping students feel like their opinion matters and makes a difference, is one of the things I like about CHRYSALIS High School. In order to take part of their development we also need to listen to them. Students learn to work hard for what they want to achieve, but they do this in such a way that they do not feel bored or forced to do anything. It is also an opportunity for teachers to be more creative so that their lessons capture the evolving young minds and help them gain confidence.

Over the past three years CHRYSALIS High become like a second home for me. I love going to work every day and doing what I love best… learning along with my students as well as working with people who share my passion. I take pride in what I do and have formed many lasting relationships. I’ve been with CHRYSALIS High long enough to see quite a few of my students go off to college…how the time does fly when you love what you do.

Growing older with CHRYSALIS High has given me the opportunity to give children a great start in life by providing a safe, nurturing, and trusting environment. Over all these years I have met and worked with many wonderful co-workers who love taking care of our children as much as I do.

The school is not authoritarian, but we do maintain high expectations for student behavior, while very academically strong as well. I think that the far-sighted vision of our school has helped us to grow as better individuals, allowing students great opportunities to push and challenge themselves and find their own personal best.

Lalima Chadha
Sr. Secondary Teacher

My first day at Chrysalis was a nightmare; a room full of new faces had a terrifying effect on the introvert in me. Today writing this testimonial is a testimony of the transformation in me. A process that starts with the PUPA meeting which helps the teachers identify my strengths and weaknesses. This individual interaction helps the teacher to assign various responsibilities that leverage my strength and provide opportunities to work on areas that I can improve on, like public speaking in my case. It also helps in tailoring the structured class room learning to be combined with activities like the assembly to explore my creative side in a team environment. The assembly includes various activities like poster making, dancing and singing so those who are interested in these areas can also participate, Assembly activities ensure we interact with other class mates and present the assigned topics by working as a team.

PTMs are a two way communication where the teachers provide direct feedback to parents on the students’ learning progress and keenly seek inputs from the parents.

The annual science and art exhibition is an exciting time for the whole school. The halls and classrooms buzz with enthusiastic conversations and discussions to showcase our learning in science and art. The entire school is decked up with colourful posters and graffiti; live experiments are conducted and showcased to parents and friends. It is a day that we all look forward to.

Another annual activity that I loved the most in my early schooling days is the night-out at the school with friends and teachers. It was a sort of pyjama party with the teachers and students. A night full of games, watching movies, friendly pranks and delicious snacks at the school is a unique childhood memory. In my higher classes, this activity translated to excursions. The two day camping trip in Tamil Nadu in grade VI and the trip to Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry in grade VII are experiences that I would cherish for a lifetime. Everything is very organized with detailed planning and in a very safe setting under the supervision of the teachers.
Participating in student council process where I could walk into a classroom and confidently speak, confirms my transformation from an introvert to a confident speaker.

Chrysalis prepares me for the exam called life.

Kritika Mottadi
Grade X B

“Like a butterfly stuck in a chrysalis, waiting for the perfect moment, I was waiting for the day I could burst forth and fly away and find my home.”

I, Dhruvih R Patel of Grade XI, would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Chrysalis High for helping me at each and every step of my middle and high school years. I joined the school in the 6th grade after the sudden death of my father. I was new to Bengaluru and was hesitant, but my classmates and my empathetic and considerate teachers made me feel extremely comfortable and homely at school. My classmates were approachable and helped me get accustomed with the school and my skilled teachers made the concepts easy and effortless to understand.

The education standards of the school are inventive and advanced. We watch a lot of informational videos to understand the concepts visually. All the classrooms here are large and well-maintained. They are always clean and tidy. Huge windows in the class allow sufficient sunlight into the rooms and the classrooms are well ventilated. Chrysalis High has always provided a beautiful blend of academics, extra – curricular activities like music, dance, chess, theatre, art. We have been given opportunities to take part in interschool competitions like MUN, cricket and basketball matches. I took part in an Interschool spelling bee competition. The S cool meals provide nutritional food. Our STEAM classes used to be very informative and have helped us expand our logical thinking and conceptual understanding. The Physics, Chemistry and biology labs are well- equipped with the required tools and materials and all the experiments are conducted in a safe and controlled environment. Our basketball court, swimming pool, skating ring are well -maintained and well-equipped.

All the significant days of the year like Teacher’s Day, Sports day, Children’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Annual Day, etc., are celebrated in the school in a magnificent way. The Annual and Sports day celebrations are events to look forward to. Our annual day programmes are conducted in amphitheatres and the students get an opportunity to take part in dance, skit music and other programmes. The efforts made by our hard- working teachers and students is commendable. I also look forward to the annual sports day organized. There are so many sports activities to cheer us up and keep our mind and body healthy.

Our Principal is very approachable and friendly. The students can directly go to her for sharing their problems. Our Director Sawal Sir has been very supportive and encouraging and personally took career counselling sessions. All my subject teachers, my first class teacher, Alpa Ma’am, the staff, coordinator Deepika ma’am and principal have helped me grow in my teenage years. I have learnt to face difficult situations in life with a positive mindset and confidence. I have also learnt to accept my failures and grow from my mistakes. Chrysalis High has taught me many valuable lessons and moral values required to succeed in life. Over time, I have made many precious memories here and will forever be grateful for the support I received.

Dhruvih R Patel
Grade XI A

Why I Like My School

I have been in Chrysalis High, Yelahanka for 9 years, since 1st grade. I have always loved going to school and it’s like my second home. At my school I have learned many important morals and values that have stood me in good stead in life. Some of these values are respect for all, time management and integrity.

At my school we are allowed to express our opinions freely, accept different view-points amicably and keep our minds open to new ideas. It is an institution that has taught me to be responsible, speak my mind fearlessly and deal with different situations/circumstances and people effectively. Another skill I have developed is the ability to communicate and get along with children from diverse backgrounds. This has cultivated the qualities of acceptance, inclusion and teamwork in me.

There are several reasons why I enjoy going to school. The most important one being the wonderful faculty. The teachers teach us patiently till we understand the concepts clearly and never shy away from clearing our doubts. They go out of the way to make learning a pleasant experience for us. For example, during the pandemic, when classes shifted from offline to online mode, the teachers put in extra efforts into making presentations and conducting interactive activities to make sure that the children enjoyed their classes. The entire transition was so smooth and seamless that I did not face any difficulty in adjusting to the process.

The teachers also make sincere attempts to understand and connect with children at a deeper and personal level. They try to figure out our passion, attitude and nature such as hobbies, personality traits etc. to identify our areas of interest and enhance the learning experience for each one of us.

The method of teaching is practical rather than theoretical. For instance, my Chemistry teacher always demonstrates the practical application of the subject through models, experiments, charts etc.

The support staff is always available to resolve queries in a timely manner. They are extremely helpful and prompt in acting on feedback given by parents for the improvement of the school. They are approachable, warm, friendly and cordial in their interactions with parents.

The principal’s doors are always open to wards/guardians who want to discuss their concerns or issues.

The infrastructure is well maintained, clean and child-friendly. Every personnel from housekeeping to security puts sincere efforts towards the up keep of the premises and the safety of the children. Even the bus facility works with clockwork precision and transports the children safely every day.

My school provides various avenues for my holistic development. For eg. dance, Arts, Taekwondo, Basketball, Swimming, Cricket, Chess, etc. There are also various clubs, interschool and intra-school competitions that are conducted regularly to give us exposure and opportunities for skill development. For eg. when my English teacher discovered my potential to articulate responses to questions coherently and write creatively, she gave me several opportunities to display my talents.

Devina Anish
IX-A, Bengaluru

Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.

When I joined Chrysalis High, Yelahanka three years ago, least did I think that it would turn out to be a world of infinite possibilities for me. As a qualified and passionate educationist, I always look forward to a highly professional work environment with a world class standard which gives a teacher an opportunity to be creative as well as flexible. Chrysalis High Yelahanka offered me an apt environment to learn and facilitate at the same time. The culture of valuing each and every member of staff and treating them with dignity and warmth is the key feature of the school.

The vision of the school ‘To help our children excel by understanding them, guiding them on the right path and strengthening their self-belief’ is strongly rooted in our hearts by our seniors and mentors.

Chrysalis has the finest curriculum, right approach in shaping young children for tomorrow and a warm and welcoming environment. At Chrysalis, I found myself doing what I love to do, staying true to what I strongly believe in and above all I could see myself as a passionate learner with new opportunities to learn each and every day. I have genuinely felt motivated and empowered as a teacher. The general environment of this place encourages educators to feel aptly supported and ably equipped in our effort to guide and develop the lives of young learners.

The love and respect that children display, the friendliness and warmth in the air, the spacious and clean classrooms, and dynamic and compassionate leadership, all of these make me feel fortunate, motivated and excited at work.
Each day has helped me to evolve as a better person with better understanding of children and their work. The school has always appreciated my hard work and has supported me in evolving in my profession. This makes the school very special to me. If it has given challenges it has also seen that I grow by overcoming those challenges.

At this point when I look back at my journey in Chrysalis High Yelahanka, it has been truly amazing. This wouldn’t have been possible without our School Head’s support, belief, conviction, and trust in the teachers and her open door policy.

A special thanks to the management, coordinators and the curriculum team for implementing and guiding us at every step.

I feel privileged and incredibly blessed to be an integral part of such a proficient and progressive workforce that not only inspires one to grow professionally but also provides a support system for personal development.

Monika Mehta
Sr. Secondary Teacher

I started my journey at Chrysalis High in the third grade, and have been studying in the same till now and from all these years, I can say that Chrysalis High has the best staff and curriculum.

PUPA (Prior Understanding of Pupil Attributes) is a unique method used in Chrysalis High to understand a student’s learning ability, skills and emotions. They gain this knowledge from the parents and us in an effort to understand us better. The extracurricular activities, inter-school competitions, sports and cultural days organised help incorporate fun and games along with academics.

The student council and the elections for its positions familiarise a student with a sense of responsibility and teamwork. Studying at Chrysalis High has helped me grow to my full potential and has indeed trained me for the exam called life.

I would like to thank all the teachers and staff at Chrysalis High for making my learning experience the best.


Ms. Indrani Singh

Chief Vision Officer, Principal, Chrysalis High Marq & Head - Chrysalis Kids

Ms. Indrani Singh possesses a MSc and B.Ed degree to her credit. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of education and has climbed the rungs of leadership with her sheer dedication, hard work and love for her profession. She joined as the Head of Chrysalis Kids in 2013, which is a pre primary school of Chrysalis. Her out of box thinking and her ideology of doing the right thing for the children have helped her to pioneer new processes to make learning an enriching experience for the children. Across a period of seven years, Ms. Indrani Singh has become a flag bearer of Chrysalis vision, especially the PUPA (Prior Understanding of Pupil Attributes) Program. Indrani brought in the idea of Pre-CHAMPS to all Chrysalis schools. Known for her ideation & focus on quality, Indrani leaves no stone unturned to ensure children have a wonderful learning experience at Chrysalis. In 2017, she was made Associate Academic Director – Pre Primary & again promoted to Academic Director – Pre Primary, a role she handles along with the responsibilities of Chrysalis High, Marq. Under her supervision and guidance, many initiatives like Pre-CHAMPS, AwSTEM, Festival of learning were initiated and appreciated by all. Today she handles multitude of responsibilities from heading two schools to overseeing the Pre-Primary Curriculum Team of Chrysalis as the Academic Director. In addition to these profiles, she was recently promoted as Chief Vision Officer to propel PUPA, an initiative of Chrysalis, to greater heights. To this day, her ideas and her sheer determination to always try something different and new makes her a formidable and integral part of Chrysalis. With an unending pandemic looming over us, the future for education looked uncertain. But Ms. Indrani with her belief that learning should not stop for the children, ideated on the perfect balance of online and live class model to suit the learning styles of the children. The plan started with what best would suit the children and also help the working parents who were facing their own challenges and obstacles. The online model started with curriculum videos which the Chrysalis teachers recorded with the right guidance and methodology which was well defined by her. The live classes began with once a week class to slowly introduce the children to digital learning. With children adapting to live class, the sessions increased to add more to their knowledge. Teachers were sensitized about the challenges of live class and how to ensure that they do the right thing for the children and be an integral part in their learning given the circumstances. Providing the right support to parents and the challenges they faced, were also key elements of the whole digital teaching process. Providing individual support to the children was one way to ensure we partnered with parents to provide the right support to the children and ensure that the learning did not stop.


We provide a fleet of well-maintained buses with trained drivers and lady attendants. Special care is taken while appointing the drivers, to ensure that only the experienced and qualified drivers are appointed after undergoing a driving test. The buses are equipped with safety equipment and a first-aid kit in case of an emergency.

Being GPS enabled, the school can locate the position of a bus at any time during commute and in case of a breakdown, can send a replacement bus instantly. To avoid rash driving and speeding, speed governors are installed in all the buses.

Salient Features


The School serves balanced and nutritious vegetarian snacks and lunch to students who have opted for the facility.

To supervise students during lunchtime, a teacher is appointed for monitoring each table. Children are trained to keep themselves clean and display correct dining manners.

Reverse Osmosis systems for purifying drinking water are available across the campus throughout the day.

Student Safety and School Security

Safety Always a step ahead!

Chrysalis is inarguably the only school where at no point of time, any child is left without supervision of a female teacher!

CCTV Cameras- Entire premises

Precautionary measures

Working at Chrysalis High has been a wholesome experience for me. What stands out for me is the support I receive from the school management in standing by my vision and passion as a teacher.

It would not be an exaggeration in the slightest, if I said that I feel always supported by the principal, coordinator and staff in performing my duties to the best of my abilities. This makes me confident that I would be given room to grow as an educator. It feels great to be part of a group that takes meaningful steps towards turning our philosophy and values into action!

The values we would love to instill in our students at Chrysalis High are strongly rooted in our hearts by our compassionate and efficient school heads and mentors and model them to our students.

The induction programme has been nothing short of immense learning and much-needed guidance to face all our challenges head-on and it has helped prepare ourselves for the year ahead.

At Chrysalis High, I find myself doing what I love to do, staying true to what I strongly believe in and above all I can see myself as a passionate learner with new opportunities to learn each and every day. To top it all, the love and support my students shower on me is an additional perk without which I cannot be the happy teacher that I am today.

Suhasini. S
Secondary Teacher

Chrysalis High team integrates compassion into their teaching standards, emphasizes the importance of values and builds leaders through each of their classes and lessons. It allows for a lower student to teacher ratio. Online teaching during difficult times of Covid – 19 was indeed a huge challenge for all schools but the support provided by the school to transcend the challenge of teaching students by providing apt and timely training to teachers in online teaching methodology is commendable. This has been very useful to students as well as their parents. The teachers had worked hard in coming up with innovative methods of teaching to keep the students up breast with subjects with their enthusiasm intact.  It’s been a wonderful journey for me at Chrysalis High so far.  The entire team works in unison with one thought in mind – the betterment of the children.

My sincere thanks to Principal ma’am, Coordinators and last but not least my colleagues for the constant support and love.

Upasana Banerjee –
Primary Teacher

I enjoy working at Chrysalis High because this is a place where high energy meets absolute dedication.As a teacher, each day is a new day for me and I fully value the myriad opportunities that enhance my experience.

I also appreciate the unique working atmosphere and  the collaborative culture  that allows me to grow not only as a professional, but also as a person.

The school provides me with a lot of scope to interact with children and their parents, and this gives me an opportunity  to gain deeper insights into ways to help each of them achieve their academic goals.

The school’s vision for children is a guiding principle for all of us. It is indeed a pleasure to work with my immediate superiors who are both-understanding and supportive in all aspects. Together, I am certain that we will have a mutually enriching and exciting academic year ahead.

Anuradha Shankar Venkataraman,
Employee, Chrysalis High Marq

I am very happy studying at Chrysalis High Bannerghatta Road. I got admission during the lockdown period. The online classes were well organized and very interactive.

I gained a lot of knowledge during online classes, and the teachers understood us quickly and were there for us at all times. Even though we didn’t meet personally, the atmosphere at Chrysalis was always very warm and supportive. Even though online classes were new to everyone, our teachers were able to identify where we were lagging, and they provided Individual Support Classes (ISP).

The teachers are very interactive, friendly with us, and support us to come up with our own ideas. Practical explanation of the subject through STEaM is also one of the most exciting sessions in our school. The teachers also covered extracurricular activities and enrichment activities during the online classes. The warm welcome by the teachers to the offline classes made us more excited to attend school and a day at Chrysalis High with my friends and teachers is something that I eagerly look forward to every day.

I have been in Chrysalis High BG Road since 2018. The teachers have laid a strong foundation, helped me improve on my basics in all subjects and played a major role in me evolving into the best version of myself. My school has given me many opportunities to develop my leadership skills and I will always feel grateful about that. I have made many friends in the last couple of years, thanks to the warm atmosphere at Chrysalis High. During online classes our school left no stone unturned and even though our classes were online, they ensured we learnt with the same enthusiasm.

My Voyage at Chrysalis High Marq has been spectacular and overwhelming. The school has positive vibes that makes it a beautiful shelter for not only students but also for the teachers. Here at Chrysalis we are motivated to nurture the young minds in the best possible way.

I learnt number of years of work experience is not that counts, what is more important is the quality one possesses through their learning experience. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and unfaltering curiosity.

Chrysalis High is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported and equipped. I ’am proud to be a part of this institution that strive to take eloquent steps to transform our care philosophy and values into effective action.

I feel privileged to be an integral part of such a proficient and progressive workforce. Chrysalis oozes integrity and excellence that is t=refreshing and essential in our daily duties.

Chrysalis exemplifies what it means to be an organization that is “To help our children excel by understanding them, guiding them on the right path and strengthening their self belief.”

Chrysalis High Marq has paved new roads of possibilities of learning and fruitful experiences for both teachers such as myself and the students.

The things that are most satisfying for me are the never ending opportunities to learn, perform out of the comfort zone and most importantly the endless love that I receive from the children. Life is a continuous learning process and Chrysalis High Marq has made it possible by giving me many opportunities to be creative in the way I work. The whole team works as a family by supporting and helping each other at any given point of time .

The motivation, appreciation, support and positivity received by us is in turn passed on to our students. The school believes in the holistic development of all its children and takes all the necessary measures to nurture the young minds in a fruitful way. I am extremely proud to be a part of the Chrysalis High Marq family.

Educator, Chrysalis High Marq

In the field of Construction, they say- “ A well-designed and strong foundation keeps the building standing while the forces of nature wreak havoc.” The same purpose that a foundation serves for a building, schooling does for our children- ensures they are wholly prepared for the journey called Life!

Having worked for a few schools in the past, I was aware of the paramount role a school plays in the initial nurturing of a child. While joining Chrysalis, I expected a similar school environment as in my past, but to my astonishment, things were incredibly better. While the academics here are indeed exceptional, even better is the focus on the character development of each child. Teachers know their Children really well, beyond just recalling the child’s name; all thanks to initiatives like PUPA. The teachers nurture children in a way that is not just caring and loving but also instills in them qualities like compassion, collaboration, empathy and many more from an early age. Children are also encouraged in a way that they constantly thrive to develop confidence in their own unique abilities.

Well, what we reap is what we sow; and not just the teachers but the whole team in Chrysalis believes in this fact. We work together tirelessly because we know we are nurturing kids to form a responsible and noble generation for the future!

Anjali E
Faculty, Chrysalis High Marq

I have been a student at Chrysalis High Marq for two school years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The staff is excellent and the rules help keep the school safe and in order.

There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing the information. There are enrichment activity classes as well to where we have life skill and ink well sessions that help in the refinement and polishing of the mind. Chrysalis has initiated many activities for students. We have engrossing and fun-filled Indoor Champs, Performing Arts classes, Buddy interaction time etc. The teachers in Chrysalis are hardworking and determined . I am so proud and lucky to go to Chrysalis!

Sean Lennon
Grade VIII

Chrysalis High, is a great school which develops a good foundation for kids both academically and also in character building. Both the pre primary and now the primary school years for Samay, have been socially nurturing and academically challenging. Our son loves his school, he has come a long way from his nursery days till today, the 3rd grade.

Everyone at school, be it the Principal, Coordinators, teachers or the administrative staff, all have been really cooperative and supportive. Chrysalis also has one of the best parent – teacher relationship!

Overall, Chrysalis High, has been a wonderful experience for both Samay and us till date. We appreciate the great work and looking forward for more!


Chrysalis School is a hidden gem that is absolutely amazing. The experience started when we were driving through in search of school for our kids and saw this attractive newly built school.

Our interaction with school alumni assured us that our child will be in the best hands with the teachers and staff. The faculty and staff truly care about the students and are available around the clock to help with student needs.

Yaduveer Singh & Tanu Chaudhary