Have we ever interrogated ourselves if other folks’ judgment really matters? Well, I have and no, it does not.

What is the constant need for other people’s assent towards our clothes or our diets or the way we publish ourselves?

I’ve learned that confidence can take you to a spot in your life that you never visualized because when you’re confident about your identity, others’ discernments won’t cut your entity. The only segment in your life that matters is you. Only you have the right to be the central figure in your story.

If we squander all our lives in making others content by looking ideal for them, or talking flawlessly for others, when will we have the hour to live our lives?

You don’t have to glance a certain way or you don’t have to present yourself in a certain way just because other people want you to. They can dress up the way they want to and you the way you want to. I think in your comfort zone also only you matter, like at your residence also, your parents, siblings, grandparents and the spouse doesn’t have to come above you.

The hardest part is acquiring your emotions and the way you are feeling because we all love to see this genre of ourselves that is perfect but let me tell you- nobody is perfect.  But sitting down with your emotions and feeling it, passing through you bit-by-bit is the hardest but also the most virtuous thing to do and that’s what makes us well built.

You are the only character in your story and that’s what matters. Nothing else does!