An amazing thing I come across nowadays is parents teaching their children to say “Thank you” for every little thing anyone does for them. Drivers & maids, who erstwhile were not appreciated enough. Waiters at restaurants who were regularly depicted as sufferers of rude customers even in movies). It is so nice to see all of them being appreciated! 

However, I am equally disappointed at none of the teachers receiving similar acknowledgment & appreciation. And I have no qualms in saying that parents are the culprits here! Same parents, who teach their children to say “Thank you” to maids & drivers, do not teach their children to say “Thank you” to teachers who slog it out to make their children learn & enjoy. Every single day. 

I keep hearing from parents, “Sir, how do your teachers handle so many children in the class, with such an ease? I am not able to handle just two at home?” Difficult, right? Say “Thank you” please. 

I see a lot of parents complaining  about the quality of teachers nowadays. You are right! Who is to blame? Aren’t parents to be blamed partially? 

Because of a few parents, lot of potentially good teachers do not want to come into teaching. Teaching in itself is a low paying job. Trust me, it requires an equal amount of effort as any regular office going job (or maybe more). Add to that, the way some parents behave with teachers, it pushes more & more competent teachers away from teaching. 

When 20% of parents are making life difficult for the teachers, 80% of you teaching your children to say “Thank you” to the teachers regularly, will go a long way in putting a smile on the face of those hard working teachers & may also push more & more potentially good teachers to come back into the profession which makes all other professions!