What does that mean? How does the world expect a kid to be in this modern age? How to engage your child in daily activities? How do you make your child the best?

What is a daily child?

A daily child is a kid who knows to be independent, who knows the world, who can live in any condition and adapt to every situation.

The routine of a daily child would include studying every day, having enough leisure time, and spending time with family and time for daily chores.

Nowadays, kids often get addicted to video games and become more tech-savvy. This reduces and restricts the child’s creativity and curiosity.

The negative effects of this leads the child to dangerous health problems like – Dehydration, Heart problems, depression and obesity. This will definitely affect the child’s career.

Being a daily child, the kid understands the pros and cons of life which helps him find a solution for most of the everyday problems. It also helps the child to overcome exam fears, stress and depression.

How does the world expect a kid to be in this modern age?

The world expects the younger generation, that is going to be the future, to be the best of the best.

This competitive world depends on these tiny tots, who will grow to be the great leaders, decision makers and world changers of the future.

Each of these little one is a gift to this world. So this world wants these gifts to be fine, finer and the finest.

So this world expects each of these striplings to acquire skills like:-

  • Problem Solving
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Focus and Self-control
  • Time Management
  • Money Management
  • Co-operating and adaptability
  • Environmental preservation

These skills will make the kids the later foremost citizens of this world.

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How to engage your child in daily activities?
Every kid should be independent.
They should know what to do at the right time and when is the right time.
You should allow the kid to do all his/her work alone – From studying on their own till doing regular chores in order to understand the child’ s inborn ability and help them in the areas of difficulty.
● They should clean their vessels after eating or drinking.
● They should clean their room when it is dirty.
● They should study by themselves every day.
● They should wash their clothes when the bin is full.
● They should rely less on the internet.
Let them learn new things and help them with their curiosity. Let them help you or the elders in their work.

How do you make your child the best?
Every child is an unique creation of God and they are allowed to enjoy this world.
Every parent expects the best out of their child.
In addition to being independent the child has to derive various other habits, skills and routines, like –
● They should know the importance of food and have healthy eating habits. They should always be hydrated and active.
● They should have enough physical activity and exercise to avoid obesity, troubled sleep, attention disorders, emotional and social problems.
● They should understand the importance of family time, and to be together as a family.
● They should be responsible in money matters.
● They should know sharing is caring.
● They should maintain hygiene.
● They should implement life skills like – honesty, humanity, kindness, patience, gratitude, helpfulness, optimism, hard-working and loyalty.
● They should read books to help in developing creativity, imagination and good vocabulary.
● Above all, they should develop a positive attitude
If your child maintains these habits then no doubt he/she will grow up to be a person who will make a positive impact in this world.