I am that extra educator

Working with Chrysalis High is indeed a great opportunity for any individual like me. It really feels so amazing working in such a positive environment. I feel honoured and proud to be a Pre-primary teacher at Chrysalis High, Kadugodi. It is the perfect place for highly motivated teachers who take challenges and set their bench mark very high.

The starting ground of Chrysalis high pre-primary teacher is to identify the uniqueness of the child (PUPA), provide active learning, and integrate them in a group and a collective lot.
Pandemic forced educators to face a turbulent year and to consider how technology could be used to keep learners safe and engaged in education

I sincerely believe and am grateful to my school for providing me the exposure to nurture kids and be a part of their beautiful life. Each day is a blessing to see the happy, innocent faces which I believe will make the difference in this beautiful world.

Richa Uxa