I’m in my fourth year as a primary teacher with Chrysalis, and I’m really enjoying the experience.

‘Sharing knowledge with children and watching them grow is my passion and it fuels me to be a better teacher daily!’

Our school’s primary section is the most vigorous, with activities such as CRISP (Chrysalis Rhapsody of Initiatives and Students’ Passion), basketball, cricket, swimming, skating, chess, yoga, martial arts, theater, music, dance, and games. With so much going on, neither the students nor the teachers have a dull moment.

So, what distinguishes Chrysalis from other schools? It is the PUPA where we teachers place more emphasis on identifying and nurturing the child’s strengths.

In addition to providing a high-quality education, the school has an outstanding faculty. Everyone works together to assist one another. It’s almost as if you’re with your family. Everyone gets along and genuinely cares about their coworkers’ well-being. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. I felt a part of the teaching and learning process from the start. The process of learning and unlearning has been enjoyable for me. Every day, I believe, is a new opportunity to learn, and my primary goal is to prepare children to be lifelong learners. I would also like to thank our curriculum team who encouraged us to implement new ideas and methods in teaching. Our Principal, Head Mistress and Coordinators are always encouraging and easily approachable.

I am enjoying my classes with my children and looking forward to more days of fun and learning.

Ms Priya Jackson
Primary Teacher