Chrysalis High, Yelahanka is a school filled with warmth, creativity and fun. It is a place that is willing to implement innovative programs to affect student outcomes positively. When joining a new ‘workplace’ without any work experience, I was unsure of what to expect. After being part of the CHY family for eight years, I am glad that I took up teaching as my profession and also grateful to the school for letting me stay on. I am motivated to come to school every day, a driving force that tells you there’s so much you need to give to this noble place. Nurture the young minds in the best possible way.

CHY is a place which is close to my heart, where there is constant encouragement and opportunities for students and teachers to gain exposure in various fields. The school always looks at providing the teachers with professional development and mentors to guide them. The school does not focus on just academics but looks into developing deeper bonds outside the classroom. The students are encouraged to use their gifts and develop their talents in being able to grow into well-rounded human beings. Pupils are being challenged regularly by a dedicated team of nurturing and professional faculty who work in unison to instill core values in every teaching.

I am grateful to CHY for being able to tap into my potential and allowing me to grow further in my role as a teacher. I have always been given the freedom to share my thoughts on education and work on creating a positive outlook on learning. CHY will always be my ‘happy place’ – a home away from home.

Ms Leela Manjunath
Primary Teacher, CHY