The Secret of change is to focus all the energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ – Socrates

These words are apt in the current scenario, where we are re- establishing our old norms in the school. With all the odds we have not let learning stop.

I have chosen to be a part of the CHRYSALIS High school because I always enjoyed interacting with students, help them grasp new concepts and acquire new skills and I felt that CHRYSALIS High fosters a proper environment for student and teacher development alike.

Helping students feel like their opinion matters and makes a difference, is one of the things I like about CHRYSALIS High School. In order to take part of their development we also need to listen to them. Students learn to work hard for what they want to achieve, but they do this in such a way that they do not feel bored or forced to do anything. It is also an opportunity for teachers to be more creative so that their lessons capture the evolving young minds and help them gain confidence.

Over the past three years CHRYSALIS High become like a second home for me. I love going to work every day and doing what I love best… learning along with my students as well as working with people who share my passion. I take pride in what I do and have formed many lasting relationships. I’ve been with CHRYSALIS High long enough to see quite a few of my students go off to college…how the time does fly when you love what you do.

Growing older with CHRYSALIS High has given me the opportunity to give children a great start in life by providing a safe, nurturing, and trusting environment. Over all these years I have met and worked with many wonderful co-workers who love taking care of our children as much as I do.

The school is not authoritarian, but we do maintain high expectations for student behavior, while very academically strong as well. I think that the far-sighted vision of our school has helped us to grow as better individuals, allowing students great opportunities to push and challenge themselves and find their own personal best.

Lalima Chadha
Sr. Secondary Teacher