My first day at Chrysalis was a nightmare; a room full of new faces had a terrifying effect on the introvert in me. Today writing this testimonial is a testimony of the transformation in me. A process that starts with the PUPA meeting which helps the teachers identify my strengths and weaknesses. This individual interaction helps the teacher to assign various responsibilities that leverage my strength and provide opportunities to work on areas that I can improve on, like public speaking in my case. It also helps in tailoring the structured class room learning to be combined with activities like the assembly to explore my creative side in a team environment. The assembly includes various activities like poster making, dancing and singing so those who are interested in these areas can also participate, Assembly activities ensure we interact with other class mates and present the assigned topics by working as a team.

PTMs are a two way communication where the teachers provide direct feedback to parents on the students’ learning progress and keenly seek inputs from the parents.

The annual science and art exhibition is an exciting time for the whole school. The halls and classrooms buzz with enthusiastic conversations and discussions to showcase our learning in science and art. The entire school is decked up with colourful posters and graffiti; live experiments are conducted and showcased to parents and friends. It is a day that we all look forward to.

Another annual activity that I loved the most in my early schooling days is the night-out at the school with friends and teachers. It was a sort of pyjama party with the teachers and students. A night full of games, watching movies, friendly pranks and delicious snacks at the school is a unique childhood memory. In my higher classes, this activity translated to excursions. The two day camping trip in Tamil Nadu in grade VI and the trip to Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry in grade VII are experiences that I would cherish for a lifetime. Everything is very organized with detailed planning and in a very safe setting under the supervision of the teachers.
Participating in student council process where I could walk into a classroom and confidently speak, confirms my transformation from an introvert to a confident speaker.

Chrysalis prepares me for the exam called life.

Kritika Mottadi
Grade X B