“Like a butterfly stuck in a chrysalis, waiting for the perfect moment, I was waiting for the day I could burst forth and fly away and find my home.”

I, Dhruvih R Patel of Grade XI, would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Chrysalis High for helping me at each and every step of my middle and high school years. I joined the school in the 6th grade after the sudden death of my father. I was new to Bengaluru and was hesitant, but my classmates and my empathetic and considerate teachers made me feel extremely comfortable and homely at school. My classmates were approachable and helped me get accustomed with the school and my skilled teachers made the concepts easy and effortless to understand.

The education standards of the school are inventive and advanced. We watch a lot of informational videos to understand the concepts visually. All the classrooms here are large and well-maintained. They are always clean and tidy. Huge windows in the class allow sufficient sunlight into the rooms and the classrooms are well ventilated. Chrysalis High has always provided a beautiful blend of academics, extra – curricular activities like music, dance, chess, theatre, art. We have been given opportunities to take part in interschool competitions like MUN, cricket and basketball matches. I took part in an Interschool spelling bee competition. The S cool meals provide nutritional food. Our STEAM classes used to be very informative and have helped us expand our logical thinking and conceptual understanding. The Physics, Chemistry and biology labs are well- equipped with the required tools and materials and all the experiments are conducted in a safe and controlled environment. Our basketball court, swimming pool, skating ring are well -maintained and well-equipped.

All the significant days of the year like Teacher’s Day, Sports day, Children’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Annual Day, etc., are celebrated in the school in a magnificent way. The Annual and Sports day celebrations are events to look forward to. Our annual day programmes are conducted in amphitheatres and the students get an opportunity to take part in dance, skit music and other programmes. The efforts made by our hard- working teachers and students is commendable. I also look forward to the annual sports day organized. There are so many sports activities to cheer us up and keep our mind and body healthy.

Our Principal is very approachable and friendly. The students can directly go to her for sharing their problems. Our Director Sawal Sir has been very supportive and encouraging and personally took career counselling sessions. All my subject teachers, my first class teacher, Alpa Ma’am, the staff, coordinator Deepika ma’am and principal have helped me grow in my teenage years. I have learnt to face difficult situations in life with a positive mindset and confidence. I have also learnt to accept my failures and grow from my mistakes. Chrysalis High has taught me many valuable lessons and moral values required to succeed in life. Over time, I have made many precious memories here and will forever be grateful for the support I received.

Dhruvih R Patel
Grade XI A