Why I Like My School

I have been in Chrysalis High, Yelahanka for 9 years, since 1st grade. I have always loved going to school and it’s like my second home. At my school I have learned many important morals and values that have stood me in good stead in life. Some of these values are respect for all, time management and integrity.

At my school we are allowed to express our opinions freely, accept different view-points amicably and keep our minds open to new ideas. It is an institution that has taught me to be responsible, speak my mind fearlessly and deal with different situations/circumstances and people effectively. Another skill I have developed is the ability to communicate and get along with children from diverse backgrounds. This has cultivated the qualities of acceptance, inclusion and teamwork in me.

There are several reasons why I enjoy going to school. The most important one being the wonderful faculty. The teachers teach us patiently till we understand the concepts clearly and never shy away from clearing our doubts. They go out of the way to make learning a pleasant experience for us. For example, during the pandemic, when classes shifted from offline to online mode, the teachers put in extra efforts into making presentations and conducting interactive activities to make sure that the children enjoyed their classes. The entire transition was so smooth and seamless that I did not face any difficulty in adjusting to the process.

The teachers also make sincere attempts to understand and connect with children at a deeper and personal level. They try to figure out our passion, attitude and nature such as hobbies, personality traits etc. to identify our areas of interest and enhance the learning experience for each one of us.

The method of teaching is practical rather than theoretical. For instance, my Chemistry teacher always demonstrates the practical application of the subject through models, experiments, charts etc.

The support staff is always available to resolve queries in a timely manner. They are extremely helpful and prompt in acting on feedback given by parents for the improvement of the school. They are approachable, warm, friendly and cordial in their interactions with parents.

The principal’s doors are always open to wards/guardians who want to discuss their concerns or issues.

The infrastructure is well maintained, clean and child-friendly. Every personnel from housekeeping to security puts sincere efforts towards the up keep of the premises and the safety of the children. Even the bus facility works with clockwork precision and transports the children safely every day.

My school provides various avenues for my holistic development. For eg. dance, Arts, Taekwondo, Basketball, Swimming, Cricket, Chess, etc. There are also various clubs, interschool and intra-school competitions that are conducted regularly to give us exposure and opportunities for skill development. For eg. when my English teacher discovered my potential to articulate responses to questions coherently and write creatively, she gave me several opportunities to display my talents.

Devina Anish
IX-A, Bengaluru