Times have been uncertain and Chrysalis has conquered the challenges put in front of it. Learning has never stopped and I am proud of my school, teachers and everyone supporting us. We have a quiz in Math every week, skits and role plays for Literature lessons in English. Books and STEaM kits have been delivered to our houses too. I love doing Science experiments with our kits. We have assemblies every week in which we
work together and get a chance to show our creativity. On Saturdays, we have Enrichment activities(EA) that I enjoy a lot. We wait for the CHAMPS live sessions.

VPTMs are hosted after every examination.I feel so comfortable on this platform,I can approach my teachers if I am having trouble with anything. They always clarify my doubts. Chrysalis has made an impact on our lives and I can call it a changemaker. We are lucky to be here and I am grateful for it. I love Chrysalis.

Chakrini Porwal
Grade VIIA