The Realm Of The Mythos

The word “Myth” is derived from the Greek word “Mythos”, which means: story of the people. Mythology is simply the collection and study of myths and stories.

 They can range from how the universe was created to cautionary tales about arrogance and greed. They teach you compassion, hard work, love, team work, patience, gratitude, selflessness and empathy.

 These are stories that were once told around a campfire on a warm night, tales that were told to children to lull them to sleep, epics that have been etched into our minds for centuries.

From stories about characters going on impossible quests to battle huge monsters, their internal struggles are always something we can relate to and understand.  For example, not everyone would have a stepmother who told their father to exile them for 14 years, but we can all relate to the fact that (in the Ramayana) Ram had to obey his father and do his duties. We understand his hardship even though we never were, or will be in the very same position. We idolise Ram for his  sense of duty, and empathise with his decision to obey his father.

Personally, my favourite myth is “The Wrath of Demeter”, one of the classics in Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”.  It is a perfect example of what we are trying to reinforce in everyone due to our global issue of climate change – that Nature is not to be taken for granted. The story begins thus, with a highly arrogant king named Erisichthon, whose name literally translates to “Earth – Tearer”.

Now, Erisichthon hadn’t really been known for his apt decision making skills, which became apparent when one day, he decided to absolutely destroy the sacred grove of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. This sacred grove was also where all the dryads (nature spirits) lived. At the very heart of this grove was a huge, ancient tree, covered in garlands and prayer tablets from devotees of Demeter.

Erisichthon’s army had already understood that the dryads would unleash their wrath on them at any moment for their deeds, and thus refused to cut down the tree. Not so for Erisichthon, as he promptly took an axe and started chopping down the tree, proudly declaring that he would cut down the tree even if it was Demeter herself! Hearing this, half of the army fled from the forest. Erisichthon was unmoved and continued chopping, at which time the tree started bleeding! His army tried to convince him to retreat, but he took this as a positive sign and continued. The soldiers ran away for their own good, some chased and eaten by vengeful dryads.

Right before the tree was fully chopped off at the centre, it spoke, and told the proud Erisichthon that she was, in fact, Demeter’s most beloved dryad, so loved that people had been offering her prayers and offerings for decades. She told Erisichthon he had made a grave mistake, and  that Demeter would take her revenge.

Picture2 2

Of course, Erisichthon was impassive to this dire warning, as he collected the wood and left triumphantly. The dryads who saw the events unfold quickly rushed to Demeter to fill her in.

Demeter ( who once stopped all life from flourishing for a full year, causing the death of millions, just because she couldn’t find her daughter ) wasn’t exactly pleased to know that her favourite dryad had been slayed. “Displeased” is far from it. She was raging. Her temper set the world ablaze. Drought and poverty pervaded the earth. Of course, Erisichthon took it as mere coincidence that his eradication of Demeter’s favourite nature spirit had anything to do with the goddess’ fury.

Exasperated, Demeter came up with an unnerving idea. She sent one of her nymphs to cold, barren Scythia, where Limos, the goddess of starvation, lived, to send her a message. Of course, Demeter could have gone there herself, but the two goddesses couldn’t physically be together due to how completely opposite they were. Despite this, they maintained a good friendship, and were dependent on one another.

As soon as she got the message,Limos  gleamed with delight, and snuck into Erisichthon’s castle at night. She carried out what Demeter told her to do, and left.

The next day, Erisichthon woke up with burning hunger. His insides ached and his mouth watered. All day he either dreamed of food or ate it. But even that wasn’t enough to satisfy his insatiable hunger. He kept eating and eating, overworking his cooks, buying more and more food, until his treasury became completely empty and he was worth less than a peasant. Finally,his  wealth had withered away, and all that was left was the burning hunger in his stomach. He yearned for food, dreamt of it, and thought of it in every waking moment of his life, until he couldn’t take it anymore. He consumed his own body out of ravenous hunger. Poetical justice in its true form, wouldn’t you say? Eriscithion hurt nature, and nature hurt him back, albeit in an unconventional way.

This particular myth teaches us the value of respecting nature, and of respecting others. Mother Nature is a scary yet beautiful force indeed.

If there’s one thing I absolutely love more than creation myths, it’s about the gods and how they interact with each other. For example – Thor and Loki from Norse Mythology! The infamous brother duo!

The most memorable myth I can remember is when, as a prank, Loki cut off Sif’s (Thor’s wife) hair right down from the roots. The God of Mischief may have counted it as another one of his silly pranks, but Sif did not. Her luscious golden head was the treasure of both her and her husband.

Picture3 1

Thor was so infuriated with Loki that he threatened to break every single bone in his body (and trust me, he could). Quick wittedly, Loki assured Thor that he’d gift Sif a golden wig  that far outshone her own  golden locks.

He went to the dwarves, the sons of Ivaldi, the greatest craftsmen. They made stunning golden hair, each hair spun from magical gold. They treasured their two most difficult inventions – A spear named and a foldable boat that could fit into your pocket when not in use.

The God of Mischief, overjoyed at the sight of the completed golden locks, and always down for some trouble, made a bet with the dwarf Brokke, saying that he couldn’t possibly make artefacts  more stunning, for” that would require skill” None too pleased at this scathing remark, the wager was decided upon as Loki’s head.

With the stakes needlessly elevated, the dwarf got to work. Of course, Loki started cheating from the get – go, turning into a stinging fly to distract Brokke while he worked the bellows. Brokke remained impassive for the first two artefacts, lost his calm at the 3rd one and wasted some precious metal, but got right on track. With the artefacts completed, Loki and  Brokke went to Asgard to present them. Sif and Thor were quite pleased with the hair, Odin was overjoyed to have a new spear and Freyr loved the collapsible boat.

Then, they unveiled the three bonus, “more stunning”, artefacts. The first was a golden boar named Gullinbirsti, that could run over water, air, and glow in the dark.

The second was a magic golden ring for Odin called Draupnir which produced 8 more identical copies of itself every nine days.

The third was a hammer presented to Thor called Mjolnir, which never missed, always returned to its owner and always hit its mark. It had a slightly short handle, but despite this Thor was immensely happy with his new weapon. Everyone agreed that Thor’s gift was the most supreme of all. Loki, realising he lost the bet, ran away. However, Thor caught up with him in an instant and was more than happy to present him to Brokke , who was standing over him triumphantly with a huge axe. In a last – ditch attempt, Loki cried out “ Well, I said you could have my head, but I never said anything about my neck!”

This barely bothered the dwarf, but they did manage a compromise. Loki kept his head, but they sewed his mouth shut. That was the quietest, most peaceful afternoon Asgard had seen in a long time.

Until, of course, Loki undid the threads by evening.

This story is my absolute favourite in all of Norse Mythology. Not for any moral message it tries to convey, but for its general hilarity. Whenever you’re feeling down, read about Loki’s shenanigans. I promise they’ll make your day  better!

Isn’t it amazing how we humans made gods, stories, adventures, epics – just out of our minds? Mythology really shows us all what we’re capable of, what our minds are capable of! It’s so humbling to think that once someone looked at a solar eclipse and thought that a snake ate the sun, or that the glaciers on top of volcanoes (glaciers and snow are formed because of the high elevation of these mountains) was caused because the Volcano goddess lost a lava –  sledding competition.

 (In Hawaiian Mythology, Pele the volcano goddess was competing in a game of lava – sledding with Poli’ahu, goddess of snow.

The two goddesses were competing to see who was the fastest and when Poli’ahu got declared as the winner, Pele unleashed her temper, causing an earthquake.

Before she could start bursting the volcano though, the three goddesses Lilinoe, goddess of mist, Waiau, goddess of the underground reservoir, and Ka – Houpo  – O – Kane, goddess of the springs, along with Poli’ahu, worked together to suppress her. I like this tale as it presents fire and snow as each other’s antithesis. We usually think of fire and rain as each other’s antithesis, but in Hawaiian mythology, Pele marries the god of Rain.)

Our brains hold a plethora of possibilities. We can  imagine as  brightly, think as deeply and learn as swiftly as we want, if only we try. These stories may be as adventurous and monumental as they like, but at their core they are values – courage, happiness, teamwork, patience, selflessness, etc.There is more we can do, more we can learn, more we can imagine. All we have to do is believe.

Chrysalis School is a hidden gem that is absolutely amazing. The experience started when we were driving through in search of school for our kids and saw this attractive newly built school.

Our interaction with school alumni assured us that our child will be in the best hands with the teachers and staff. The faculty and staff truly care about the students and are available around the clock to help with student needs.

Yaduveer Singh & Tanu Chaudhary

I started my journey at Chrysalis High in the third grade, and have been studying in the same till now and from all these years, I can say that Chrysalis High has the best staff and curriculum.

PUPA (Prior Understanding of Pupil Attributes) is a unique method used in Chrysalis High to understand a student’s learning ability, skills and emotions. They gain this knowledge from the parents and us in an effort to understand us better. The extracurricular activities, inter-school competitions, sports and cultural days organised help incorporate fun and games along with academics.

The student council and the elections for its positions familiarise a student with a sense of responsibility and teamwork. Studying at Chrysalis High has helped me grow to my full potential and has indeed trained me for the exam called life.

I would like to thank all the teachers and staff at Chrysalis High for making my learning experience the best.


Ms. Indrani Singh

Chief Vision Officer, Principal, Chrysalis High Marq & Head - Chrysalis Kids

Ms. Indrani Singh possesses a MSc and B.Ed degree to her credit. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of education and has climbed the rungs of leadership with her sheer dedication, hard work and love for her profession. She joined as the Head of Chrysalis Kids in 2013, which is a pre primary school of Chrysalis. Her out of box thinking and her ideology of doing the right thing for the children have helped her to pioneer new processes to make learning an enriching experience for the children. Across a period of seven years, Ms. Indrani Singh has become a flag bearer of Chrysalis vision, especially the PUPA (Prior Understanding of Pupil Attributes) Program. Indrani brought in the idea of Pre-CHAMPS to all Chrysalis schools. Known for her ideation & focus on quality, Indrani leaves no stone unturned to ensure children have a wonderful learning experience at Chrysalis. In 2017, she was made Associate Academic Director – Pre Primary & again promoted to Academic Director – Pre Primary, a role she handles along with the responsibilities of Chrysalis High, Marq. Under her supervision and guidance, many initiatives like Pre-CHAMPS, AwSTEM, Festival of learning were initiated and appreciated by all. Today she handles multitude of responsibilities from heading two schools to overseeing the Pre-Primary Curriculum Team of Chrysalis as the Academic Director. In addition to these profiles, she was recently promoted as Chief Vision Officer to propel PUPA, an initiative of Chrysalis, to greater heights. To this day, her ideas and her sheer determination to always try something different and new makes her a formidable and integral part of Chrysalis. With an unending pandemic looming over us, the future for education looked uncertain. But Ms. Indrani with her belief that learning should not stop for the children, ideated on the perfect balance of online and live class model to suit the learning styles of the children. The plan started with what best would suit the children and also help the working parents who were facing their own challenges and obstacles. The online model started with curriculum videos which the Chrysalis teachers recorded with the right guidance and methodology which was well defined by her. The live classes began with once a week class to slowly introduce the children to digital learning. With children adapting to live class, the sessions increased to add more to their knowledge. Teachers were sensitized about the challenges of live class and how to ensure that they do the right thing for the children and be an integral part in their learning given the circumstances. Providing the right support to parents and the challenges they faced, were also key elements of the whole digital teaching process. Providing individual support to the children was one way to ensure we partnered with parents to provide the right support to the children and ensure that the learning did not stop.


We provide a fleet of well-maintained buses with trained drivers and lady attendants. Special care is taken while appointing the drivers, to ensure that only the experienced and qualified drivers are appointed after undergoing a driving test. The buses are equipped with safety equipment and a first-aid kit in case of an emergency.

Being GPS enabled, the school can locate the position of a bus at any time during commute and in case of a breakdown, can send a replacement bus instantly. To avoid rash driving and speeding, speed governors are installed in all the buses.

Salient Features


The School serves balanced and nutritious vegetarian snacks and lunch to students who have opted for the facility.

To supervise students during lunchtime, a teacher is appointed for monitoring each table. Children are trained to keep themselves clean and display correct dining manners.

Reverse Osmosis systems for purifying drinking water are available across the campus throughout the day.

Student Safety and School Security

Safety Always a step ahead!

Chrysalis is inarguably the only school where at no point of time, any child is left without supervision of a female teacher!

CCTV Cameras- Entire premises

Precautionary measures

Working at Chrysalis High has been a wholesome experience for me. What stands out for me is the support I receive from the school management in standing by my vision and passion as a teacher.

It would not be an exaggeration in the slightest, if I said that I feel always supported by the principal, coordinator and staff in performing my duties to the best of my abilities. This makes me confident that I would be given room to grow as an educator. It feels great to be part of a group that takes meaningful steps towards turning our philosophy and values into action!

The values we would love to instill in our students at Chrysalis High are strongly rooted in our hearts by our compassionate and efficient school heads and mentors and model them to our students.

The induction programme has been nothing short of immense learning and much-needed guidance to face all our challenges head-on and it has helped prepare ourselves for the year ahead.

At Chrysalis High, I find myself doing what I love to do, staying true to what I strongly believe in and above all I can see myself as a passionate learner with new opportunities to learn each and every day. To top it all, the love and support my students shower on me is an additional perk without which I cannot be the happy teacher that I am today.

Suhasini. S
Secondary Teacher

Chrysalis High team integrates compassion into their teaching standards, emphasizes the importance of values and builds leaders through each of their classes and lessons. It allows for a lower student to teacher ratio. Online teaching during difficult times of Covid – 19 was indeed a huge challenge for all schools but the support provided by the school to transcend the challenge of teaching students by providing apt and timely training to teachers in online teaching methodology is commendable. This has been very useful to students as well as their parents. The teachers had worked hard in coming up with innovative methods of teaching to keep the students up breast with subjects with their enthusiasm intact.  It’s been a wonderful journey for me at Chrysalis High so far.  The entire team works in unison with one thought in mind – the betterment of the children.

My sincere thanks to Principal ma’am, Coordinators and last but not least my colleagues for the constant support and love.

Upasana Banerjee –
Primary Teacher

I am very happy studying at Chrysalis High Bannerghatta Road. I got admission during the lockdown period. The online classes were well organized and very interactive.

I gained a lot of knowledge during online classes, and the teachers understood us quickly and were there for us at all times. Even though we didn’t meet personally, the atmosphere at Chrysalis was always very warm and supportive. Even though online classes were new to everyone, our teachers were able to identify where we were lagging, and they provided Individual Support Classes (ISP).

The teachers are very interactive, friendly with us, and support us to come up with our own ideas. Practical explanation of the subject through STEaM is also one of the most exciting sessions in our school. The teachers also covered extracurricular activities and enrichment activities during the online classes. The warm welcome by the teachers to the offline classes made us more excited to attend school and a day at Chrysalis High with my friends and teachers is something that I eagerly look forward to every day.

Chrysalis High, is a great school which develops a good foundation for kids both academically and also in character building. Both the pre primary and now the primary school years for Samay, have been socially nurturing and academically challenging. Our son loves his school, he has come a long way from his nursery days till today, the 3rd grade.

Everyone at school, be it the Principal, Coordinators, teachers or the administrative staff, all have been really cooperative and supportive. Chrysalis also has one of the best parent – teacher relationship!

Overall, Chrysalis High, has been a wonderful experience for both Samay and us till date. We appreciate the great work and looking forward for more!


I have been in Chrysalis High BG Road since 2018. The teachers have laid a strong foundation, helped me improve on my basics in all subjects and played a major role in me evolving into the best version of myself. My school has given me many opportunities to develop my leadership skills and I will always feel grateful about that. I have made many friends in the last couple of years, thanks to the warm atmosphere at Chrysalis High. During online classes our school left no stone unturned and even though our classes were online, they ensured we learnt with the same enthusiasm.

My Voyage at Chrysalis High Marq has been spectacular and overwhelming. The school has positive vibes that makes it a beautiful shelter for not only students but also for the teachers. Here at Chrysalis we are motivated to nurture the young minds in the best possible way.

I learnt number of years of work experience is not that counts, what is more important is the quality one possesses through their learning experience. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and unfaltering curiosity.

Chrysalis High is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported and equipped. I ’am proud to be a part of this institution that strive to take eloquent steps to transform our care philosophy and values into effective action.

I feel privileged to be an integral part of such a proficient and progressive workforce. Chrysalis oozes integrity and excellence that is t=refreshing and essential in our daily duties.

Chrysalis exemplifies what it means to be an organization that is “To help our children excel by understanding them, guiding them on the right path and strengthening their self belief.”

I enjoy working at Chrysalis High because this is a place where high energy meets absolute dedication.As a teacher, each day is a new day for me and I fully value the myriad opportunities that enhance my experience.

I also appreciate the unique working atmosphere and  the collaborative culture  that allows me to grow not only as a professional, but also as a person.

The school provides me with a lot of scope to interact with children and their parents, and this gives me an opportunity  to gain deeper insights into ways to help each of them achieve their academic goals.

The school’s vision for children is a guiding principle for all of us. It is indeed a pleasure to work with my immediate superiors who are both-understanding and supportive in all aspects. Together, I am certain that we will have a mutually enriching and exciting academic year ahead.

Anuradha Shankar Venkataraman,
Employee, Chrysalis High Marq

Chrysalis High Marq has paved new roads of possibilities of learning and fruitful experiences for both teachers such as myself and the students.

The things that are most satisfying for me are the never ending opportunities to learn, perform out of the comfort zone and most importantly the endless love that I receive from the children. Life is a continuous learning process and Chrysalis High Marq has made it possible by giving me many opportunities to be creative in the way I work. The whole team works as a family by supporting and helping each other at any given point of time .

The motivation, appreciation, support and positivity received by us is in turn passed on to our students. The school believes in the holistic development of all its children and takes all the necessary measures to nurture the young minds in a fruitful way. I am extremely proud to be a part of the Chrysalis High Marq family.

Educator, Chrysalis High Marq

In the field of Construction, they say- “ A well-designed and strong foundation keeps the building standing while the forces of nature wreak havoc.” The same purpose that a foundation serves for a building, schooling does for our children- ensures they are wholly prepared for the journey called Life!

Having worked for a few schools in the past, I was aware of the paramount role a school plays in the initial nurturing of a child. While joining Chrysalis, I expected a similar school environment as in my past, but to my astonishment, things were incredibly better. While the academics here are indeed exceptional, even better is the focus on the character development of each child. Teachers know their Children really well, beyond just recalling the child’s name; all thanks to initiatives like PUPA. The teachers nurture children in a way that is not just caring and loving but also instills in them qualities like compassion, collaboration, empathy and many more from an early age. Children are also encouraged in a way that they constantly thrive to develop confidence in their own unique abilities.

Well, what we reap is what we sow; and not just the teachers but the whole team in Chrysalis believes in this fact. We work together tirelessly because we know we are nurturing kids to form a responsible and noble generation for the future!

Anjali E
Faculty, Chrysalis High Marq

I have been a student at Chrysalis High Marq for two school years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The staff is excellent and the rules help keep the school safe and in order.

There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing the information. There are enrichment activity classes as well to where we have life skill and ink well sessions that help in the refinement and polishing of the mind. Chrysalis has initiated many activities for students. We have engrossing and fun-filled Indoor Champs, Performing Arts classes, Buddy interaction time etc. The teachers in Chrysalis are hardworking and determined . I am so proud and lucky to go to Chrysalis!

Sean Lennon
Grade VIII